Robert Spangler

Robert in his workshop

After receiving degrees from Iowa State University School of Design and Landscape Architecture, followed by working in an office as a landscape architect for two years, I found that the drafting board had lost its appeal. I discovered that working with my hands to shape wood was extremely gratifying. In 1973 I began the pursuit of this new love by apprenticing with a third generation cabinetmaker.

Since then my work has been included in National Shows, public art projects, various publications, competitions and private collections. On larger scale projects, I have collaborated with other artists and design committees.

Though my work is influenced by classical European and American techniques and carving methods and a continuing interest in Asian furniture, I am always experimenting with new techniques and styles to express myself. My style combines these elements with a strong design background and my own unique life experiences. I feel that the objects that make up our environment have a profound effect upon our soul. These objects deserve recognition and honor. Their roles should be evocative, and also provocative. They should allow us to relax with them and yet challenge us to more lofty ideas. I think a successful piece of furniture is more than a piece of furniture.

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