Conversion Varnish

I designed this option the summer of 2017. This table opens from 8-10-11-12 persons.
Meridian Table
This is from my "Table Scap" line of work that I use high figure slabs that are not useable for table tops. I buy logs from a specialty saw mill in Pennsylvania cut, sequenced and dried. The first and last slabes of the tree have too mcuh sap wood to be used for dining table tops but are excellent use here. A figured log has the highest figure closest to the bark. Hence, this is the most vibrant part of the log. Notice when you walk across it how the grain has an opelessece that dances.
walnut executive desk
Front view
live edge table
Hewn Edge Bookcase, Brad Gallahar
Front view of OtE Cabinet
star ellipse table
star oval dining table walnut and koa
pinnacle coffee table cherry and makore
This set has figured maple splats in the chairs and a square inlay at the top of the table leg.
Golden Mean Lantern in Blue
Akira Buffet, wood buffet
Made from high figure wood usually used for veneer.
Lopez Sea Creature Dining Table with inlay of kelp and fish
Barton Bar Stool
I designed this to accompany along side a grand piano or over looking a vast view by a window. Sitting above what a chair would place you, the impact is that which you'd experience standing.
Mahogany Soglio Dining Table
Portal Buffet by Robert Spangler
This price includes table and 2 arm and 4 side chairs in the Original size. The table is $5850, each arm chair is $1625 and side chair is $1450.The grande size is $16,000.
Laurel Medium Grande Table with Butterfly Leaf Set ( Neo chairs)
Notice the pillowing effect on the crest rail. The roll over makes for even a more comfortable fit.
These chairs are made from high fugure veneer logs I buy directly from the saw mill in Pennsylvania.
neiman wooden rocker cherry sculpted
koa and cherry table
koa and cherry chair
Rosewood Crescent Desk and Chair