Custom Designs

Furniture can be designed from scratch to suit your exact needs. If you live in a smaller space and need something that fits, we can work in the "real world." If you have a special wood in mind, we'll try to track it down. If you've looked through our catalog and haven't found the right piece, we'll listen to your ideas. Our artists can work with you to build a piece of furniture you can call your own, a one-of-a-kind piece that says what you want to say.

Typically the process of commissioning a piece starts when you contact our gallery staff. They'll ask for a design deposit and, if you are not sure, will help you decide which artist to work with. Following that, you and the artist begin a back-and-forth discussion to blend your ideas into a realized design. Some of our artists work with pencil and paper, others draft their work using computer software. Either way you'll be able to see your design evolve and give the artist feedback to help determine the look of the final product.

During the build, the artist and the gallery staff will keep you informed and will give you a fairly accurate idea of the final delivery date. Often our artists deliver completed work to your home themselves, but we do make other arrangements. We can also ship furniture, if you do not live in the Seattle area.

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