Three Legged Table

Freeland, WA

Three Legged Table

78 × 42 × 30 in

This Dining Table is made from a book matched pair of Oregon Walnut slabs cut close to the crotch of the tree. One end of the planks has straight grain with beautiful color and curly figure, the other end of the slabs has the crotch figure and is much wilder in figure and grain direction. Oregon Walnut is one of the kings of wood. Richer by far in color spectrum and figure than its well known cousin, eastern Walnut. It falls second only to Koa ( from Hawaii) in my wood preferences.

The two book matched pieces are joined with a series of 5 Wenge butterflies. The base of the table has three legs made from Wenge. Two of the legs at one end of the table and the third and wider leg is at the other end of the table. All three legs penetrate the top of the table. The larger leg penetrates in the crotch end of the table. The table "floats" on the legs which don't actually touch the wood of the top that surrounds them. There is plenty of structure under the table to support the legs which are all angled in toward the center. The table has an almost animalistic momentum to it. It will easily seat 6-8 people and would also make a wonderful desk in the right setting.

There are matching chairs available. See "Black Tie Required" chair in the portfolio area of the website.

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