Sculptured Chair (Last of the edition)

Sculptured Chair (Last of the edition)

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30 × 24 × 29 in

The Sculptured Chair, first designed in 1953, provides relaxed and comfortable seating as well as visual and tactile pleasure. Crafted of Claro walnut, the armchair's tapered sinuous lines invite touch. A sitter's fingers instinctively move from the out-turned hand rests to the frame and legs. The chair is engineered with simplicity and economy. The structural integrity of the chair is achieved through the sandwiched spline core that provides both decorative finesse and strength to the cantilevered seat and shapely tapered legs.

The Sculptured Chair took 2 years to develop, a task that required 8 versions and 8 built prototypes before he was satisfied. Since debuting the design in 1953, Evert estimated he had made about 200 of these chairs. It is the only chair in his repertoire. In 2003, in conjunction with the designs 50th anniversary, the chair was inducted into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery of American Art. We are fortunate to have the chair in the gallery's permanent collection, all others remain in private collections

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