Stewart Wurtz

Stewart sitting in his shop

Stewart Wurtz maintains his studio in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. He is inspired by the minimalism of modern form and design and embellishes this simplicity with details that reveal process, structure, or the hand of the maker. He combines wood with other materials, like metal, as the play between them can enhance each material and encourage new discoveries.

"When I begin a project, my time sketching is indispensable in working through ideas. Often I am inspired by a particular gesture or form in an early sketch that starts the dance of a new piece. The challenge is to keep the freshness of this gesture while continuing to develop the idea. I find myself going back and forth between the drawing and 3D mock up until I really understand the essence of this new object. The details and the structure develop out of this exploration and begin to crystallize as I start work on the final piece. All I can hope for in making my furniture is to pay homage in some small way to the wonder and beauty of our natural environment. I strive for an economy of form in my work and like to use simple lines with spare detail to achieve this balance. My work is meant to be utilitarian, and I'd be honored to think that it will be enjoyed both today and well into the future."

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