Matthew X. Curry

Matthew X. Curry
Bainbridge Island, WA

Matthew X. Curry studied at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in New York.

His architectural training informs all areas of his 20+ year, multi-faceted career including architectural interiors, furniture design, as well as fine art drawings, sculpture and woodworking.

Matthew has had the good fortune to practice in diverse arenas including yacht interiors, legal/investment firms, celebrity offices, screening rooms, restaurants and nightclubs. His work has appeared in several periodicals, galleries on both coasts, TV/film with a feature on HGTV’s “Generation... more

Manzanita Dream
Fiery Walnut series
Jazz Night 2 Table
Jazz Night console table
Beautiful blue glass inlayed Stream Box #3
Deco elegance
Beautiful blue glass inlayed Stream Box #4
Steam Box #5
Moon + Mountain Table 1
Twilight Mirror
Blue Glass Mirror
Lighthouse Coffee Table
XO Table Bench
Le Cabinet d'Absinthe
Trident Coffee Table
Pyramid Box
Distraction In The Scientific Method
Menorah 2
Window to the Universe Box