Curtis Erpelding

Curtis Erpelding
Port Orchard, WA

I grew up in Colorado where my family owned a camping ground. My father did all of the maintenance, from carpentry and welding, plumbing and electrical repair, to road work and trash hauling. Working alongside him exposed me to many skills and I learned to enjoy physical labor, to have a respect for tools and to take pride in performing the task at hand however mundane it might be. I don't remember a particular interest in wood (my main passion in high school was restoring sports cars and my degree from the University of Colorado is in English Literature) but my first job after moving... more

Series 8000 Table, Curtis Erpelding
Free Standing Coat Rack
Rosewood Crescent Desk and Chair
Barrister Bookcase, rosewood and brass
Walnut Round Table
Valentine Inlaid Box
Lady's Desk