From A Tree

A tree can be many things. One builder sees a set of chairs, another sees a table, another a violin. Browse the varied results of the imaginations of our builders.

Two hands making a pencil mark

Studio Furniture

Northwest Woodworkers Gallery was established in 1980 to support the profession of independent studio furniture. Our goal is to bring good design and craftsmanship to the forefront.

Close-up for frame-and-panel joinery

Fine Woodworking

Woods are selected deliberately with designs both beautiful and purposeful. We strive to create works of art that you can use, enjoy, and pass down.

We, the artist-owners of Northwest Woodworkers Gallery, believe art and design should not be the sole domain of museums. Our furniture should be caressed and thumped; sat on and eaten at; scratched, polished and handed down to the next generation. We create art with purpose.