Blacker Side Chairs
The arm chair on the left is accompanied by it's side chair
High figure cherry
Dunn Dining Chair by Michael Neiman
Lopez Chair in Cherry and Maple
Biloba Chair
Ladder Accent Chair
Custom pricing
Strand Side Chair
Strand Arm Chair
Dhasta Chair
Rocking Akira Chair
Western Walnut living room rocking chairs
Bubinga Rocker for living room
Akira Chair with 4 legs
Cantilever Chairs
Game table chair
Wenge dining chair
The Grande sized Fan chairs are 1 1/2" wider and 2" taller
Lytle Reading Chair & Ottoman
Black Tie Required Chair Front at Table
Florian Chair by Robert Spangler
Photo of Katsura Chairs by Spencer Horn
Photo of Encompass Chair by Hank Holzer
Photo of Hip Hobbit Chairs   by Hank Holzer
Western Red Cedar Rocker
Spalted Maple Rocker
Figured western maple and wenge
Photo of Grand Classic Dining Chairs by Brad Gallahar
Photo of Star Pattern Side Chair  by Brad Gallahar
Photo of Sculpted Chair by Evert Sodergren
Ming Chair  by Robert Spangler
McCormick Chair by Robert Spangler
Craftsman Chair Angled View
Photo of V.1 Shell Chairs by Stewart Wurtz
Photo of Luna Chairs by Stewart Wurtz
Special 5 star log for the table top
Photo of Linnea Chairs by John Thoe
The Neo, short for Neo contemporary, has rear legs set 1 1/2" closer to each other and 12 degrees set more parallel to each other
Thoe Fan Chair
Photo of Lopez Chair with Arms by Judith Ames

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