Studio Furniture

Studio furniture is a category defined by aesthetics and method of manufacture. This type of furniture embodies a high level of design acuity in both overall conception and detailing. Studio furniture is designed and fabricated in a small workshop by an informed, skilled artist.

The Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery presents studio furniture by local and regional artisans. Each craftsman employs time honored techniques, precise execution and the finest quality materials to deliver furniture that will bring beauty and satisfaction for generations.

Because our gallery is owned by its’ craftspeople, our customers have the rare opportunity to connect directly to the maker behind each work. When you invest in studio furniture from Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery, you are embarking on a relationship with the artist, one that will yield a finished piece both personal and artistically exquisite.

Many of our members’ designs are now recognized as signature works: published, collected, and widely known. However, in the true spirit of artistry, these craftspeople invite the challenges of the custom process, where the individual client’s functional needs, lifestyle, and taste are of supreme consideration.

The combination of expertise and artistic vision is evident in every piece of furniture showcased at Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery. One artisan with one vision, from inception to finish, ensures that each piece is carefully constructed and meticulously refined down to the last detail.