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Hollywood Rocker
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Symmetry SlabTable
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Black Tie Required Dining Table
Black Tie Required Sofa/Entry Table
spalted maple rocker #1
mazama table detail
mazama table in sycamore, ebonized ash, wenge
Western Walnut living room rocking chairs
Spalted Maple Rocker
Media Center
juno chest
vg fir, fig maple, wenge mazama table
mahogany, spalted maple, wenge mazama table
Black Tie Required Coffee Table
Black Tie Required Buffet - shot from side and above
Photo of  Solstice Dining Table by Robert Spangler
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Figured western maple and wenge
Akira Chair with 4 legs
Photo of Akira Dining Table by Hank Holzer
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Photo of Around This Time by Fred Eiden
Black Limba Conferance
Black Tie Required Chair Front at Table
Black Tie Required Buffet Angled View
Black Tie Required Dining Chair
Black Tie Required Table and Benches Angled View
Photo of Cavanaugh TV Lift Cabinet by Judith Ames
Hugh Montgomery, Hall Entry Cabinetry 1
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Photo of Hems Road Nightstand by Fred Eiden
Photo of Juno Chest by Stewart Wurtz
Photo of Lacewood Desk by Stewart Wurtz
Photo of Looking Inward by Fred Eiden
Photo of Mission dresser by Brad Gallahar
Mission bookcase
Native American Visage Desk Angled View
Photo of Niho Dining Table by Stewart Wurtz
Photo of Padauk Buffet by Spencer Horn
Photo of Pajaro Coffee Table  by Stewart Wurtz
Entrance table and mirror was my entrance piece for the Gallery's 30th anniverary show. We were to exhib an art piece that I took to heart.
Photo of MM Writing Desk  by Stewart Wurtz
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Photo of Raven Brings the Light  by Judith Ames
Photo of Ravens Knowledge by Judith Ames
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Photo of Rich Passage Dining Table by Hugh Montgomery
Photo of Rubin Bench by Stewart Wurtz
Saratoga Passage Dining Table and Chairs
Photo of Sculpture Table  by Bryan Boyle
Photo of V.1 Shell Chairs by Stewart Wurtz
Some Kinda Mischief  detail
Photo of SSC Kitchen Table by Stewart Wurtz
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3 L Dining Table
Photo of Vascevitch Stereo Cabinet by Judith Ames
Photo of Wedding Cabinet by Fred Eiden
Pearwood Round Table
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Photo of Zig Zag Table  by Judith Ames
Ziricote Table
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