Frequently Asked Questions

Being a member of Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery is an involved process and not a simple matter of paying a fee. We recommend showing your work with us as a non-member for at least a year in order to become familiar with the gallery and how we operate. We have shows in the gallery to which you can submit work. Check the home page for current postings.

We are interested in seeing new work and will occasionally post a notice that we are accepting submissions for the gallery. Before being accepted, all submissions are reviewed by a panel of gallery members. We have very high standards for the type of work we accept, so please be familiar with the quality of work we already carry to better gauge if your work will fit in. We very rarely accept furniture by woodworkers that live outside the Pacific Northwest. Check the home page for current postings.

We are in the business of selling fine hand crafted furniture, and are not in the business of buying or selling wood. We recommend that you search online for companies that specialize in wood, lumber or building supplies, or check your local yellow pages.

We are a retail location and do not do any woodworking on site. The furniture makers who display their work with us have their own sources for materials, and very few of them have the time or resources to make a freshly cut tree into useable boards. Check local listings for a lumber mill or wood sawyer in your area with the expertise to handle your tree.

The best information on how to care for your furniture comes from the artisan who created it. Please contact a sales representative for more information on your specific piece.

Please contact one of our sales representatives. Since our furniture it is created by many different artists, there are often different finishes from one piece to the next. Without knowing what type of finish your furniture has, we cannot advise you how to best fix the damage without causing further damage.

We are not in the business of furniture repair, especially antiques that require special knowledge and handling that may effect their value. We recommend searching online for companies that specialize in antique furniture repair, or check your local yellow pages.

For as long as you own your furniture, it is guaranteed against any defects caused by the design or construction. Damage caused by wear and tear, natural events or other events beyond our control are not covered. If you have a piece of our furniture that has been inadvertently damaged, please contact us, since the artisan who created the piece may be able to repair the item for a reasonable fee.

The furniture in our gallery can be taken home on approval, so you can see how it will work in your home, before making a commitment. For custom furniture, many of our artisans have wood samples that you can bring home to see how the colors work. Contact a sales representative for help.

Many of our artisans have different leather and upholstery options available for their work. Please contact a sales representative for more information.

All woods have distinct color, pattern, hardness, weight and other properties. Local woods tend to be more easily accessible to our woodworkers. Woods that have to be imported, such as mahogany, involve more costs to the woodworker and this is reflected in the price of the furniture. Some woodworkers have woods readily available to select from, and others will only work with certain woods. A sales representative can cover these options.

Our woodworkers are focused on creating work of their own designs and in general will not reproduce existing furniture or furniture designs. Most of our artisans work in a specific style (such as Arts and Crafts) and create furniture that will be compatible with existing or antique furniture. Our artisans are willing to look at your designs and work with you to come up with a piece of custom furniture that suits your needs. This is what makes the custom furniture process so unique, in that you will work with the artisans themselves to come up with furniture that is made specifically for you. If you are looking for exact reproduction of an antique, we recommend searching on line for people who specialize in that field, or check your local yellow pages.

We will ship anywhere. Our handling and shipping charges for the continental United States varies based on the order value. Please call or contact a sales representative for a shipping quote. We have experience in shipping furniture worldwide.

Rarely, things do not work out with one particular artisan the way you envisioned. Once a design is created, you are under no obligation to complete the job at this point. As the custom process progresses, it may become apparent that another artisan is more suited to the job. It's best at this point to contact a sales representative and explain the situation. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

A $250 design deposit is required for furniture designs that the woodworker has not previously made. The woodworker will begin a dialogue with you to discuss your specific needs and requirements for the piece. He/she will then create a few drawings of potential pieces, giving you a visual perspective. Once you examine the drawings more dialogue may be necessary to fine-tune the details. The $250 design deposit pays the artisan for his/her time in creating the designs for you and is non refundable. Some projects require greater time and a larger deposit is requested.

Costs vary by size of the project, materials and time involved. Every project is different. Your sales representative will explain these costs up front at the point you are placing a custom order, so there are no hidden fees or additional costs.

You can browse our members work, or view furniture by type or contact us. Our salespeople have an extensive knowledge of our artisans and can discuss which artisan will be a good fit for you.

In many cases you will be working directly with the woodworker in discussing the specifics of the furniture you want and approving designs. The extent of communication depends on the nature of each situation. It is best to contact a sales representative to help decide which artisan is best for your custom furniture. Our salespeople will, in turn, have the artisan contact you regarding your custom project.

Our sales people will work with you one on one throughout the furniture buying process. Furniture can be purchased off the floor at our gallery in Seattle, or can be custom ordered and designed and created by one of our many talented artisans. Our sales people will help you select the best artisan for the job, act as a liaison between you and the artisan, and handle all payment and delivery transactions.