Sunburst hall table

The Sunburst hall table is made out of 125 individually tapered pieces of walnut, cherry and maple arranged in a mathematical alternating pattern and glued into a radiating arc. The pattern brings the light colors to the front and the darker colors to the edges creating a spot lit effect. The back of the table is flat and is meant to go against a wall. A semicircular piece of curly maple is raised above the center of the table and is a good place for a piece of art or flowers.

Width: 60.00, Depth: 20.00, Height: 36.00
In stock (1 available)
Picture of CherryCherry
Cherry trees are found throughout the US and Canada. The wood varies from a yellowish pink when first cut to a deep rich reddish brown, often getting darker and more rich as it ages. Its smooth texture and working properties make it a favorite wood among furniture makers.
Maple covers many different trees in the Acer genus. In general it is a light colored wood, creamy white to yellow in hue with darker soft brown or yellow grain. Bigleaf maple is a large tree native to the Pacific Northwest, and it often has highly figured wood, spalting and burls. Ambrosia Maple, also called sugar maple, is a creamy white maple with grey streaks and often has worm holes. Figured maple is often described as quilted, tiger, flame or curly maple depending on the patterns in the wood.
Curly MapleCurly Maple
Figure or curl is a natural occurrence and can be found in a variety of woods. The surface of the wood shows a linear, wavy pattern that is particularly striking when finished. In some forms it is a hereditary wave pattern in the wood fibers, in others it is an effect of wood fibers being compressed by a change in the direction of growth, such as at a fork forming a new trunk or limb. Figured wood has long been used in musical instrument bodies.
Hard MapleEastern Hard Maple
Eastern hard maple, also known as rock maple or sugar maple, has a smooth even texture and small pores. The color is a soft off-white which tends to yellow when finished. It is hard, strong, and durable and may well be the flooring of a basketball court near you. Though not often used as the primary material in a piece of studio furniture, it is an excellent choice for secondary parts like drawer sides.
American black walnut grows in the Eastern US and Canada. It is a popular domestic hardwood with a naturally dark color varying from a purplish brown to a rich red brown.

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