Specimen Chest

A freestanding vitrine viewed through a natural opening on the lid.

Width: 21.25, Depth: 15.00, Height: 31.50
Varnish/Oil Blend
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Picture of AshAsh
Different varieties of ash trees can be found all over the world. Most commonly used in the USA is white ash. It is usual a pale white to yellow wood with a uniform gain. This hard wood is probably best know for it's use in baseball bats, but its straight grain and elastic strength makes it ideal for use in furniture, musical instruments and crafts.
Picture of EbonyEbony
Ebony is a heavy wood generally jet black in color with variable gray streaks. It is durable, works nicely and its rich color and it is often used in musical instruments.
Glass has a wide variety of applications in furniture, ranging from a simple clear panel to decorative inlay.
Madrone are large trees that grow along bluffs and coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle neighborhoods. The wood is pink to orange in color, with the burl often being highly figured. It has many uses in furniture and the burl is striking when turned into bowls or vessels.
American black walnut grows in the Eastern US and Canada. It is a popular domestic hardwood with a naturally dark color varying from a purplish brown to a rich red brown.

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