Parabola hall table

Each of the two walnut elements of the Parabola Display Table is one continuous piece of wood. Each piece starts as a fairly small piece of wood, which I carefully cut from several directions. I then heat them with steam and quickly bend and expand them to their final shape before they cool. After they dry, they hold their new shapes, and are stiffened with the continuous pieces of laminated walnut and cherry spacers, sanded and given a durable oil finish. The glass top can be made in a variety of shapes and edge treatments.

Length: 42.00, Width: 20.00, Height: 36.00
Varnish/Oil Blend
Custom order: send an inquiry
Picture of CherryCherry
Cherry trees are found throughout the US and Canada. The wood varies from a yellowish pink when first cut to a deep rich reddish brown, often getting darker and more rich as it ages. Its smooth texture and working properties make it a favorite wood among furniture makers.
Glass has a wide variety of applications in furniture, ranging from a simple clear panel to decorative inlay.
American black walnut grows in the Eastern US and Canada. It is a popular domestic hardwood with a naturally dark color varying from a purplish brown to a rich red brown.

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