Niho Dining Table

A mahogany, java ash and wenge extension dining table. This table is also available with a butterfly leaf for an additional $400.

Length: 76.00, Width: 44.00, Height: 30.00
In stock (1 available)
Picture of AshAsh
Different varieties of ash trees can be found all over the world. Most commonly used in the USA is white ash. It is usual a pale white to yellow wood with a uniform gain. This hard wood is probably best know for it's use in baseball bats, but its straight grain and elastic strength makes it ideal for use in furniture, musical instruments and crafts.
The name mahogany is commonly applied to many different kinds of tropical hardwood, most of which are reddish-brown in colour and widely employed in furniture-making, boat building and other high specification uses. When quarter-sawn it demonstrates a distinct ribbon pattern.
Picture of WengeWenge
Wenge is an African wood with a regular, closely spaced grain of dark brown to black color. It is both hard and heavy and works well as either an accent wood or a primary material.

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