Leaning Shelves

Bookshelves in maple that lean against the wall, and break down easily for storage or transportation. Available in 4 and 6 foot heights. Other woods may be avialable. 

Width: 30.00, Depth: 20.00, Height: 72.00
In stock (1 available)
Maple covers many different trees in the Acer genus. In general it is a light colored wood, creamy white to yellow in hue with darker soft brown or yellow grain. Bigleaf maple is a large tree native to the Pacific Northwest, and it often has highly figured wood, spalting and burls. Ambrosia Maple, also called sugar maple, is a creamy white maple with grey streaks and often has worm holes. Figured maple is often described as quilted, tiger, flame or curly maple depending on the patterns in the wood.

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