Jannas dining table

With graceful hand shaped legs, this dining table can be custom made in any size with a solid wood top as shown. 2 leaves up to 20 inches wide can be added to the ends and supported with rails that slide out from under the ends of the table. Alternately this dining table can be made with a veneered top and leaves can then be added to the middle of the table. this would allow up to 4 or more feet of leaves to be added.

Length: 69.00, Width: 39.00, Height: 30.00
Custom order: send an inquiry
Picture of CherryCherry
Cherry trees are found throughout the US and Canada. The wood varies from a yellowish pink when first cut to a deep rich reddish brown, often getting darker and more rich as it ages. Its smooth texture and working properties make it a favorite wood among furniture makers.
Poplar is a light cream to yellowish brown color, with occasional streaks of gray or green. It is widely used for construction, cabinetry, and furniture as a utility or secondary wood, for instance as the frame of an upholstered piece.

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