Essential Table

Hugh has created a side table that has been stripped to only its essential parts. The top is a custom veneered disk with solid wood legs that penetrate its surface and interlock with the top. The piercing of the legs creates a simple pattern or rhythm around the circular table edge, while at the same time provides the connection needed to support the top without using a stretcher. Crisp, clean lines keep the design contemporary and the woods contrasting yet complimentary nature adds a modern flare.

Length: 17.00, Width: 17.00, Height: 23.00
Custom order: send an inquiry
This piece is a part of our 2012 exhibit: SoulCraft: Annual Member Showcase
Plum Pudding MahoganyPlum Pudding Mahogany
Plum Pudding is a descriptive term for a specific type of figure in a mahogany board rather than a separate species of the wood. A board of this type has figure that looks somewhat like water running across its surface.
Picture of WengeWenge
Wenge is an African wood with a regular, closely spaced grain of dark brown to black color. It is both hard and heavy and works well as either an accent wood or a primary material.

Other versions available

Hugh Montgomery, Essential Table 1
Hugh Montgomery, Essential Table 1
Essential Table - Madrone
Essential Table - Madrone burl and Walnut

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