Entertainment Center

This media center was first created for my brother with little to no parameters. The patterned doors were designed to allow conventional remotes to access the electronics behind. The piece is designed to last past conventional electronics into the future as an heirloom piece in anyone's home. Centered around mathematics this piece is both wonderful to build and wonderful to own. This is the 60" version; I also have made 70" versions.
Length: 57.00, Width: 20.00, Height: 26.00
Custom order: send an inquiry
This piece is a part of our 2013 exhibit: 2013 Rising Star Honoree
Curly MapleCurly Maple
Figure or curl is a natural occurrence and can be found in a variety of woods. The surface of the wood shows a linear, wavy pattern that is particularly striking when finished. In some forms it is a hereditary wave pattern in the wood fibers, in others it is an effect of wood fibers being compressed by a change in the direction of growth, such as at a fork forming a new trunk or limb. Figured wood has long been used in musical instrument bodies.
Picture of WengeWenge
Wenge is an African wood with a regular, closely spaced grain of dark brown to black color. It is both hard and heavy and works well as either an accent wood or a primary material.

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