Ellipse on Time

A small shelf clock made from wlanut burl veneer, solid walnut, ebony, and curly sycamore.

Width: 8.00, Depth: 4.00, Height: 14.00
Custom order: send an inquiry
Picture of EbonyEbony
Ebony is a heavy wood generally jet black in color with variable gray streaks. It is durable, works nicely and its rich color and it is often used in musical instruments.
Burl MapleBurl Maple
A burl is a natural growth that can be found on any number of tree varieties. Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood. These are highly valued and sliced into veneers for furniture, inlay, automobile interior paneling and trim.
Figured MapleFigured Maple
Figure or curl is a natural occurrence and can be found in a variety of woods. The surface of the wood shows a linear, wavy pattern that is particularly striking when finished. In some forms it is a hereditary wave pattern in the wood fibers, in others it is an effect of wood fibers being compressed by a change in the direction of growth, such as at a fork forming a new trunk or limb. Figured wood has long been used in musical instrument bodies.

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