Duo Oak Leaf Cabinet

A cabinet made from Oak, Maple and fused glass with Frits.

Width: 26.00, Depth: 23.00, Height: 69.00
In stock (1 available)
Glass has a wide variety of applications in furniture, ranging from a simple clear panel to decorative inlay.
Fused glass panelFused Glass
Fused glass is glass that has been fired in a kiln within a certain temperature range in order to achieve a specific effect. Both the Egyptians and Romans created glass objects with fusing techniques, but the craft did not reach higher level of prominence until later in the 20th century. A variety of objects are made with this technique, including beads, tiles, glassware, and decorative panels.
Maple covers many different trees in the Acer genus. In general it is a light colored wood, creamy white to yellow in hue with darker soft brown or yellow grain. Bigleaf maple is a large tree native to the Pacific Northwest, and it often has highly figured wood, spalting and burls. Ambrosia Maple, also called sugar maple, is a creamy white maple with grey streaks and often has worm holes. Figured maple is often described as quilted, tiger, flame or curly maple depending on the patterns in the wood.
Red oak, white oak and quarter-sawn oak are in the same family and grow primarily in the Eastern US and Canada. The color is lighter yellow-brown with red oak having a redder tinge. Quarter-sawing refers to the method of cutting the wood to reveal the medullary ray patterns found in the wood. It is often used in furniture and popularized by the Arts and Crafts movement.

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