Doggett Coffee Table

The Doggett Coffee Table was inspired by the tables of George Nakishima. The interlocking center stays that connect the two legs provide stability and visual balance to the piece. All solid wood, this table's massive solid African Mahogany top is made up of just two planks each 17" wide. The top has a pattern of three small inlaid squares of western maple.

Length: 54.00, Width: 34.00, Height: 30.00
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The name mahogany is commonly applied to many different kinds of tropical hardwood, most of which are reddish-brown in colour and widely employed in furniture-making, boat building and other high specification uses. When quarter-sawn it demonstrates a distinct ribbon pattern.
African Mahogany is a common name for a variety of species of trees in the mahogany family, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar. It is a pale reddish brown in color, relatively hard, and has open pores. It is suitable for exterior use, but in turn an excellent choice for furniture due to the attractive sheen of its surface when finished.
Maple covers many different trees in the Acer genus. In general it is a light colored wood, creamy white to yellow in hue with darker soft brown or yellow grain. Bigleaf maple is a large tree native to the Pacific Northwest, and it often has highly figured wood, spalting and burls. Ambrosia Maple, also called sugar maple, is a creamy white maple with grey streaks and often has worm holes. Figured maple is often described as quilted, tiger, flame or curly maple depending on the patterns in the wood.
Burl MapleBurl Maple
A burl is a natural growth that can be found on any number of tree varieties. Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood. These are highly valued and sliced into veneers for furniture, inlay, automobile interior paneling and trim.

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