Craftsman Low Buffet

These buffets are all built with classic Greene and Greene type details in ebony or other contrasting woods.They often incorporate contrasting woods many with special figure. The details are usually ebony but we have used Walnut, Bloodwood, and other contrasting woods for the details and inlays. The drawers are made with dovetails and mounted on self closing hidden slides. The cabinet area below has a movable shelf on each side. The top of the cabinet has an ebony inlay between the solid wood border and the center of the panel. There are pyramids in ebony on the top corners of the buffet. This style of buffet can be made in a wide variety of sizes and storage arrangements.

Width: 72.00, Depth: 20.00, Height: 32.00
Conversion Varnish
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Photo of anigreAnigre
A tropical hardwood from Africa, anigre has a light tan color and a texture similar to mahogany. It typically has straight grain patterns, though some boards show a nice wavy pattern. It has a slight odor like cedar. Notable to the woodworker is that the silica content of the wood tends to blunt tools and blade edges.
Picture of BirchBirch
Karelian Birch Burl is a strain of European Birch found in Finland and Russia. It is a rare creamy white wood with contrasting brown flecks that is often veneered for use in furniture.
Picture of CherryCherry
Cherry trees are found throughout the US and Canada. The wood varies from a yellowish pink when first cut to a deep rich reddish brown, often getting darker and more rich as it ages. Its smooth texture and working properties make it a favorite wood among furniture makers.
Picture of EbonyEbony
Ebony is a heavy wood generally jet black in color with variable gray streaks. It is durable, works nicely and its rich color and it is often used in musical instruments.
Birdseye MapleBirdseye Maple
Birds eye figure can be found in several varieties of wood, but most often in maple. The pattern forms small eyes in the swirling pattern of the grain. The cause of the figure is not known.

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