Craftsman Bed

The Craftsman Bed features classic Craftsman detailing from the Greene and Greene architects era. The head and foot board have a solid wood frame around a panel of often contrasting wood and figured wood split into two panels and joined by a series of three ebony bars. The bed can be custom sized to fit your mattress set and breaks down for transport. There is an option for futon or beds without box springs.

Length: 81.00, Width: 61.00, Height: 48.00
Conversion Varnish
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Picture of EbonyEbony
Ebony is a heavy wood generally jet black in color with variable gray streaks. It is durable, works nicely and its rich color and it is often used in musical instruments.
Picture of KoaKoa
Koa is found only on the Hawaiian Islands and is much prized for its beautiful iridescent wood that is reddish brown with dark black or brown lines. The great depth of figure makes it ideal for use in musical instruments, fine furniture and jewelry boxes.
American black walnut grows in the Eastern US and Canada. It is a popular domestic hardwood with a naturally dark color varying from a purplish brown to a rich red brown.

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