Barrister Bookcase

Bookcase with glass doors in East Indian rosewood, quartered Mahogany and brass inlay.The inspiration for this piece came from the Regency Period (c.1800-1825) in English design. Rosewood and brass were popular materials during this time, and inlay designs were often simple and geometric. The "Mansard" top was also a popular furniture motif, based on a style of roof popularized in France by architect François Mansart (1598–1666).

Width: 13.00, Depth: 30.00, Height: 53.00
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Glass has a wide variety of applications in furniture, ranging from a simple clear panel to decorative inlay.
The name mahogany is commonly applied to many different kinds of tropical hardwood, most of which are reddish-brown in colour and widely employed in furniture-making, boat building and other high specification uses. When quarter-sawn it demonstrates a distinct ribbon pattern.
Rosewood is a common name for many different woods, often causing confusion. In general, rosewoods have deep red and brown tones and beautiful grain making them ideal for furniture and musical instruments. Brazilian rosewood, traditionally the most sought after variety, is considered endangered and several substitute woods have taken its place in the market. These include Indian rosewood, Honduran rosewood, and cocobolo.

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