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Evert Sodergren, a fourth-generation cabinetmaker, is regarded as one of the Northwest's foremost designer craftsmen. He learned from his Swedish father and refined his skill for over 80 years as a professional studio furniture artisan. Evert's furniture pieces are works of art combining traditional and contemporary design with time honored construction methods. During his lengthy career, Evert created an almost endless variety of items, often combining other materials with wood, such as his own handmade metal hardware.  

Evert took particular pride in running a job shop; one that was able to solve any problem that a customer might bring to him. Many Seattle families dine daily at the tables Evert made for them or their relatives many years ago. From 1958 to 1973 Evert taught furniture-making at the University of Washington, and his work won many awards and accolades, both locally and nationally.

His most lauded design, The Sculptured Chair, took 2 years to develop, a task that required 8 versions and 8 prototypes before he was satisfied. Since creating the design in 1953, Evert estimated he had made about 200 of theses chairs - the only chair in his repertoire. In 2003, in conjunction with the chair design's 50th anniversary, The Sculptured Chair was inducted into the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery of American Art.

An inspiration to so many for so long, Evert will be greatly missed. He retired in the summer 2012 and passed away in June of 2013 at the age of 93. To learn more about this remarkable man and his illustrious career, research the documentary on Evert Sodergren as part of the Living Treasures Project.  

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