Gary Galbraith

Ladder Accent Chair
Art Furniture
Photo of Carved Wave Mirror by Gary Galbraith
Gallery member since 1982
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My primary focus is upon the sculptural embellishment of furniture and the enhancement of function through ornamentation and colored light. All of my work is one of a kind art furniture. I completed an M.F.A. in sculpture and then taught at the University level for thirty years. My goal is to create works of art that are part of our living environments and offer the opportunity to directly experience them through usage. I do not consider the natural beauty of the wood to be foremost in influencing my designs, but I seek through combinations of several woods to create a visual chord of color, and a quality of light. I continue to incorporate the use of kiln fired fused glass in combination with light sources. My working approach is that of a constructionist, additively arranging shaped sections into a spatial composition and completing the interactive relationship of all parts.

I often make creative decisions throughout the construction process and avoid just executing a set of plans. My sketches and visual ideas are influenced by structural aspects of architecture and the abstract geometry of triangular and circular forms. The landscape and events in geological time influence the way I carve and shape surfaces.

As a maker of contemporary furniture, I seek to create visual ideas that are expressive of an individual and not representing an historical style. Throughout my teaching and art making career I have directed my energy towards material combinations that make visually unique objects of furniture which exist within the home environment.