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Photo of Tansu Bench by Bryan Boyle
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Bryan Boyle, born in San Francisco in 1952, descends from many generations of Italian fisherman, boat builders and furniture makers. He has worked on wooden boats from Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and Astoria, Oregon to Port Townsend, Washington and Ketchikan, Alaska. Bryan attended several West coast universities and later worked in archaeology and forestry. After living in Idaho for a number of years, Bryan currently is working and building furniture in Northern California.

"For the most part, my work is about simplicity, simplicity without loss of elegance. I look for clean, uncomplicated lines and gentle, soft curves. I prefer that the wood make the stronger statement, not to be overpowered by any design. My favorite woods are figured cherry and maple. Fiddleback, curly or quilted, these two woods play well together in daylight. I see them as warm, sunny, active woods inside...good for keeping gray, wet days outside."