Judith Ames

Lopez Sea Creature Table, Marquetry Designs, Dining Table, Judith Ames
Sea Creature Dining Table shown with two of four chairs that are available
Photo of Rolands Dining Table by Judith Ames
Photo of Madrona Table by Judith Ames
Photo of Wild Flower Table by Judith Ames
Photo of Zig Zag Table  by Judith Ames
Lopez Chair
Photo of Maple Seed Pod by Judith Ames
Photo of Columbine Seed Pod by Judith Ames
Photo of Feinberg Buffet, Dining, Judith Ames
Photo of Cavanaugh TV Lift Cabinet by Judith Ames
Some Kinda Mischief  detail
Photo of Lauughing Cormerant Cabinet by Judith Ames
Photo of Salmon and Kelp DVD Cabinet  by Judith Ames
Photo of Ravens Knowledge by Judith Ames
Photo of Vinca Cabinet  by Judith Ames
Judith Ames School of Fish cabinet
 Madrona Buffet, dining, Judith Ames
Photo of Armoire by Judith Ames
Photo of Vascevitch Stereo Cabinet by Judith Ames
Photo of Wave Bookcase by Judith Ames
Lattice Table, console, entry, Judith Ames
Photo of Raven Brings the Light  by Judith Ames
Photo of Cloud Chair by Judith Ames
Photo of  Bench For Two by Judith Ames
Photo of Lopez Desk and Chair by Judith Ames
This one is available now at the gallery.
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My interest in art and design began at a young age. The New England homes of my parents and grandparents contained examples of early American and European furniture. As a young person, I spent long hours engrossed in drawing and building imaginary worlds. In school and on my own time I sculpted and studied the works of Rodin, Matisse, the Fauvists, natural objects, and favorite architectural works. Although, while at Harvard and Colorado College (BA 1975), my academic classes were in philosophy, economics, and political science, furniture makers Sam Maloof and Art Carpenter and other excellent teachers inspired me to further studies in joinery, drafting, design.

Instead of pursuing a degree in architecture right out of college, I chose a few years of practical experience. I found the work in a cabinet shop to be interesting in its own right and commenced a journey of learning the running of a business and the intricacies of wood construction. After a number of years my love of drawing led me from cabinetry to carvings and inlays in entry doors and cases. Those early images of animal and bird arcing around one another show the same fascination with the interplay of curved lines that has guided me in the subsequent years of furniture designs.

I grew up surrounded by treasured objects: be they letter opener or vase, they had story and meaning. They had been handed down by a relative, made by a special person, or purchased in a special place. In our work today, the challenges are ongoing. As we seek precision and efficiency in the processes of construction, grace and comfort in the look and function of a piece, we hope these new works will in turn be treasured.

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June 3, 2012